Sunday, 12 May 2013

Ambulance service on crutches - Source LT

The ambulance service of the Government Medical College and Hospital has virtually crippled.
The GMCH administration has kept the same ambulances in service adding to the woes of the patients, who are regularly ferried from here and there. Many a time these ambulances get out of order midway, jeopardising the lives of many patients.
The leading hospital of Marathwada has five ambulances, of which one is reserved for the service of VIPs tour, while another is used for blood banks. Two ambulances have been attached to the casualty department and another one has been allotted to the Paithan civic hospital. 
The ambulances at the GMCH are in service for the last 16-20 years. Many a time they develop technical snags owing to excess use. 
The ambulance (MH-20- AF-5124) attached to the casualty department is in so pathetic condition that its brake gets failed frequently. In order to avoid risk, the administration has parked it permanently in front of the casualty department. Another ambulance (NH-20, A-5444) is used to shift the patients from casualty to ICU, MICU and medicine department. There is a separate ambulance to ferry the patients from GMCH to cancer hospital. The back door of this ambulance has broken, side mirror is missing and cushion is almost tattered. The condition of another ambulance (Mh-20, 8983) which is attached to Paithan health centre is also in poor condition.
Once a woman was injured when the loose back door of the ambulance fell over her. Fortunately, the woman survived but such incidents cannot be ruled out in future if these ambulances are not repaired or replaced.

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