Thursday, 9 May 2013

Aadhaar compulsory to avail Central grants - Source LT

Under the Central Government's ambitious scheme, grants of as many as 16 schemes would be deposited in bank accounts linked with Aadhaar card in the district from July 1. 
Deputy collector Manjusha Mutha has appealed to the beneficiaries concerned of 16 schemes to get issued Aaadhaar number and link it with their bank accounts.
The Central Government has undertaken an ambitious scheme. The grants of various schemes would be deposited directly in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. 
In the first phase, districts like Mumbai suburb and Wardha were included. In the second phase, Aurangabad has been included. Under the scheme grants would be deposited only in those accounts which have linked with Aadhaar card. For that purpose, the district administration has started preparing list of the beneficiaries.
Deputy collector said, "The grants of 16 schemes would be deposited in those bank accounts which have linked with Aadhaar card from July 1. Aadhaar card is mandatory for this scheme. In order to make enrollment, the heads of those departments which are implementing these schemes have been provided with enrollment skits. Besides, the enrollment is under way at various centers."
The schemes which will require Aadhaar card are Indian government's post-matric scholarship (Scheduled Caste students), Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Merit Scholarship (SC students), National Means-cum Merit Scholarship, Central Government sponsored Allowance to Girls Students, Rajiv Gandhi, National Fellowship, Matric Scholarship Scheme (Minorities students)

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