Saturday, 11 May 2013

13 trees felled sans permission - Source LT

A total of 13 full-grown trees were axed near St Thomas Church at Seven Hills without proper permission of the municipal corporation.
Ashish Mhaske, a worker from St Thomas Church, told that the trees that included 8 babhool, 2 su-babhool, 1 berry and 2 gulmohor, were cut for the alleged reason of obscene activities of lovers and the nuisance by drunkards. However, the local residents are not agree with it. They say that no such activity was taken place in this area. The trees were providing shelter to the visitors of church as well as the passers-by and even for animals. It was the beauty of the area, but everything is lost. However, father of the church could not be contacted in this matter.
Two trees saved
A resident, Pravin Pandey, informed area corporator Surendra Kulkarni about this illegal tree cutting who rushed to the spot and stopped it. Two full-grown trees of gulmohor were saved by this way.
Ignorance of AMC
Residents say that the tree cutting was openly being conducted for the past 15 days with the rate of one tree a day. Local residents informed the AMC about it but no employee or official turned on to this place. Their prompt action could have saved some trees, residents say.

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