Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Water supply from dead stock soon - Source LT

The water-level of live storage in the Jayakwadi Dam (at Paithan) will be touching the finishing line in couple of a days. However, the citizens need not worry as the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) plans to lift water from dead storage. 
For effective water management during crisis in summer, the standing committee suggested AMC call back the staff spared from election duty for a long time. 
According to members, the citizens are anxious to know why there is a delay in launching parallel pipeline project works. Besides, they also sought information about the planning made by AMC to maintain water supply of the city. 
The city engineer M D Sonawane informed the members that the technicalities between the AMC and the contractor has been sorted out. After a few official formalities, the works will be kickstarted soon. He also claimed that it was a rumour, the cost of project has escalated more than Rs 792 crore, as baseless.
Elaborating on the water storage, the deputy engineer (Jayakwadi) K M Phalak said that the water from live water storage will be finishing in two to three days. "We have overhauled our emergency water lifting station and it is ready to operate and lift water from dead storage of the dam. The AMC used to lift water between 155 and 160 MLD water from the dam. The quantity dropped to 125 -130 MLD water," he said. 
Call back staff on election duty !
The AMC is supplying water to citizens either on alternate days or on a gap of two days. However, the standing committee members today clarified that the civic body should not increase the gap of water supply of two days in summer. Hence, they should plan water supply wisely. 
The member Raju Vaidya drew attention towards 50 to 60 personnel (many of them are engineers) of AMC who had been spared from election duty since years. Incidentally, the water supply section needs junior engineers and deputy engineers and their absence has halted the water supply system of AMC. 
The executive engineer Hemant Kolhe said there are three deputy engineers (of which one post is regular and other two posts are filled by giving additional charges) and five junior engineers look after the city (including Cidco).
The chairman Vikas Jain directed the water supply authorities not to let the citizens go thirsty in summer. He suggested the civic administration call back the engineers and send other capable staff on election duty.

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