Thursday, 11 April 2013

'Virtual Calculator' gets Best Project Award - Source LT

GEC students giving a demonstration of their 'Virtual Calculator.' What is Virtual Calculator?

Generally, a calculator which is used for complicated calculations has to be handled with physical inputs, but the Virtual Calculator works on any surface, such as hand palm, wall, table top etc with just an image of it on that surface. "An Indian origin scientist Pranav Mistry from Massachusett Institute of Technology had put the idea of virtual calculator with the Sixth Sense Technology. We used the same technology for our project," said Prakash Borkar.
Use of Digital Imaging
Virtual Calculator can be used on our palms, but the expenses for it were not affordable for students for their project, they used laptop, projector and camera which were easily available at a comparative cheaper cost. They sent command to projector from the laptop and created image of calculator on wall. It could be operated without any physical input.
The project of 'Virtual Calculator' created by students of the final year of Electronics and Telecommunication from the Government Engineering College (GEC), Aurangabad, has received Best Project Award. It is created by using Sixth Sense Technology and can be useful in many sectors such as space research and artificial intelligence. The GEC has made a contract with TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) for two awards 'Best Project Award' and 'Best Student Award.' The best project award includes cash reward of Rs 20,000, a certificate and a gold medal, while Best Student Award includes reward of Rs 10,000 and a certificate. The college had presented 12 projects, out of which, Virtual Calculator was selected for the Best Project Award. Four students Prakash Borkar, Shivam Jagtap, Kandarp Gaur, Arun Nalavade created it under guidance of professor Dr V R Ratnaparkhi and HoD Prof Dr Anjali Bhalshankar.

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