Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polytechnic students make solar bicycle - Source LT

In times of depleting resources, sky-rocketing fuel prices and increased environmental concerns, students of the Government Polytechnic here have made a unique solar-powered e-bicycle.

Vinit Vishwakarma, Mayur Tamboli, Deepak Jadhav, Shivam Singh Chauhan and Shubham Mule, who created the e-bicycle, are final-year students of mechanical engineering.
They said while expensive motorcycles give you an average of only 25-30 kms per hour, this solar-powered e-bicycle is most economical, weighs just 20 kgs and can go up to 80 kilometres per hour.
"We were given a lot of support from professors and non-teaching staff, particularly professor Shrikant Shiralkar and principal Prashant Pattalwar," said Vinit Vishwakarma.
An electric motor is fitted to the rear wheel of a ranger bicycle and is provided with electricity through four batteries — each of seven amperes and twelve volts. The bicycle also has a head lamp, speedometer, audiometer and indicators.
Although there is no automatic recharging facility, batteries are charged through solar panels. The students took a fortnight to make this bicycle at a cost of Rs 14,000.

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