Wednesday, 3 April 2013

'Gentleman Dude' nearing completion - Source LT

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University's journalism and communication students are working on a film Gentleman Dude and have already completed 90 per cent of their shooting in eleven days.

The students are involved in script writing, direction and cinematography. They roped in local artistes to act in the film making them available a platform to showcase their talent. Parts of the film were shot in Daulatabad, Khuldabad and Shulibhanjan.
The shooting started on February 27 and continued till March 9.
Though the entire shooting was done in the city, the students created sets to depict foreign countries. For example, during the shoot in the N-1 Cidco area, they used a replica of the Eifel Tower in Paris.
A lot of curious people were seen at the shooting locations. Though the students didn't want to hurt anybody's feelings it was difficult for them to work with the crowd. "We took the help of police and bouncers to control the crowd," said director of the film Ajit Thombre. The rest of their work is likely to be completed by April end.
Gentleman Dude is about the present generation and their lifestyle. A journalist is the central character of the film. According to the film team, the film plays on emotions such as love, friendship, action and romance, and should therefore be very popular. Story: Ajit Thombre
Actors: Rohit Mehta, Siddhant Waghmare, Rashmi Luhia
Director: Ajit Thombre, Prasannajeet Gaikawad
Production incharge: Shyamal Ingle
Cinematographer: Prasannajeet Gaikawad, Rishikesh Hoshinge
Production team: Rahul Andhale, Saurav Dandime, Kundan Singh "We try to keep the atmosphere healthy during the schedule so that more work can be completed in a short period."
Ajit Thombre

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