Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Expo on non-conventional sources of energy - Source LT

Apar Urja is holding a three-day exhibition on harnessing non-conventional sources of energy such as solar, water, wind, methane, bio-mass etc, at Marathwada Sanskrutik Mandal, from April 26.
"A 50 kwh solar power station will be erected to provide electric supply to the exhibition premises only," Vikas Chaitanya said, adding that today harnessing of non-conventional sources of energy is the need of the hour as petroleum prices are rising high. 
"Many industries are participating with us and we have planned approximately 100 stalls each having alternate sources of energy," he said.
Briefing reporters on the exhibition, Sham Dande said, "A pre-fabricated or model house will be designed running on solar energy. The appliances in this model house will also run on solar energy. Street lights consuming much less electricity such as 25 watt will be on display. The astonishing fact is that it will provide light as that of 500 W bulb. We have been using solar energy for warming daily use water, but it has many other applications such as can be used in water pumps, street lighting, cell phones charging etc."
"The exhibition aims at spreading awareness of non-conventional sources of energy," added Chaitanya. 
Active members of Apar Urja include Sham Dande, Ravindra Kulkarni, Priyanka Suradkar, Vikas Chaitanya, Suresh Todkar, Shree Ekbote, Sunil Loharkar and Anil Suradkar.

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  1. How do I participate? Can you please provide the contact details for registration formalities, if there are any?