Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Administration seeks blacklisting of Alankit - Source LT

After its operators at 50 Aadhaar registration centres stopped work due to non-payment of dues for over 10 days, the district administration has asked the state government to blacklist Alankit from further work. 
Taking a serious note of a report carried by this paper on March 29, the administration, which is responsible for Aadhaar registrations in the city, sent a proposal to the State Government to blacklist the company. It has also recommended the name of another company, Warkangi, for registration in rural areas.
"We have suggested that the state government blacklist the company and give contract to Warkangi for rural area Aadhaar registration," deputy district collector Manjusha Mutha said.
This paper had reported that close to100 operators have not been working since March 21 in protest of the non-payment of their salaries - allegedly due for several months now - leaving over 8 lakh unregistered citizens in the lurch.
If accepted, Alankit would be the second company to be blacklisted from the process. The work was first handed to Glodyne Technology in the city, but after the company failed to start registration centres, a six-month contract was awarded to Alankit. So far, the company has registered 1.5 lakh persons.
The first phase of the registration began in the city a year-and-a-half ago and more than 4 lakh people from the city have registered themselves in that phase.

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