Monday, 1 April 2013

45 flyers fight for 5 seats - Source LT

The local Chikalthana Airport witnessed an unusual incident when passengers vented their ire on airport officials on Sunday evening.
As many as 45 passengers literally quarreled at the Chikalthana Airport due to the mismanagement of Air India.
There were just 5 seats unoccupied in Aurangbad-Delhi flight of Air India. However, tickets were issued to 45 passengers. 
It may be noted here that the Aurangabad-Delhi flight was started in 2008 due to efforts of School Education Minister Rajendra Darda with the help of the then Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel taking into account the historical and industrial importance of the city. 
Conspiracies were hatched many a time to stop the flight service, however, due to tremendous response it still continues. The daily flight takes off from Aurangabad to Delhi around 4.20 pm. As usual, 45 passengers including industrialists, traders and politicians had made bookings for Delhi.
The passengers reached the airport around 45 minutes before the scheduled take-off.
When the flight reached here from Delhi, there were just 5 seats unoccupied. Several passengers from Gwalior had already boarded the plane. This made local passengers angry and upset and they took the officers of Air India to task. Most of the local passengers make bookings as per the schedule of events.
After the arrival of the flight, the officers said, "Only five passengers can board the plane. It's for them to decide that who will board the plane."
The passengers literally fought over boarding the flight. After two hours of argument and quarrel, Air India finally decided to transport these passengers through another flight which would take off at 11 pm.
Meanwhile, when contacted, manager of Air India Vasant Barde refused to comment on the issue. 
D G Salve from Airport Authority said that the problem arose due to overbooking of the passengers.

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