Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Use Nahar water for tackling shortage: NBS - Source LT

This year, the city is witnessing water scarcity which needs to be tackled effectively. The ancient water sources like 400-year old existing live underground aqueducts Nahar-e-Ambari, Nahar-e-Panchakki, Nahar-e-Begumpura, Nahar-e-Kiradpura and Nahar-e-Shahnoorwadi can be utilized for this purpose, said Dr Ramzan Shaikh who has done research work on Nahar-e-Ambari and Nahar-e-Panchakki. 
Addressing a Press conference here today, Shaikh, who is the chief advisor of Nahar Bachav Samiti (NBS), said, "Two lakh litres of water from Nahr-e-Panchakki is going down the gutters daily. This water can meet needs of low lying areas such as Jalannagar, Sadatnagar and Railway station area having 3 lakh population."
Ex-mayor and member of NBS Gajanan Barwal said, "Daily, 400 tankers are filled from the well located at Jagirdar Colony. If a PVC pipe is attached to this well and water is taken to storage tanks, many localities can get water."
NBS president said, "We are planning a survey of five nahars for cleaning and repairing them. We will conduct awareness campaign, collect finance and show videos for utilizing the ancient Nahars constructed by Malik Amber."
The 400-year old aqueduct is a marvel that does not require any electricity, diesel, petrol or gas to run and ensures constant flow of water round the year. NBS member Adv Sayyed Akram Abbas and secretary Sayyed Zakir Ali were present.

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