Thursday, 21 March 2013

SSC geography students may lose 2 marks - Source LT

Students who appeared for their SSC geography paper are likely to lose 2 marks because a figure was improperly printed in one of the questions.
The paper in question was the geography-economics part 2 paper carrying 40 marks. Question number three had three sub questions that were to be answered based on reading a figure. 
The questions were: what is the name of the figure, what was production of fish in fresh water in 2000-01, what was the sea fish production in 2004-05 and what was the total fish production in 1990-91. 
Students had to answer two of the four questions carrying two marks.
However, the figure in the questions that should have been given with the graph was not provided. Furthermore, there was no standard graph measurement for the figure. The ratio on Y axis for production was 10 million tonnes equal to 1.5cm which was also wrong. 
Students could not decipher the question as there was a graph on the figure. "In such a case, it is hardly possible to answer the question correctly," said geography teacher S B Jadhav.
There is a standard graph measures given in centimetres that was absent from this question. 
Therefore, many students could not answer the questions properly even if they possessed the required knowledge, according to Jadhav.

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