Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Salim Ali Lake area hums with chirping - Source LT

Cleanliness of lake compromised

The lake situated in the middle of the city is polluted with effluents and dirty water. "It is important to keep the Salim Ali Lake clean. But this is completely ignored. Water hyacinth has accumulated in the lake due to it birds are not getting adequate food. If the lake is cleaned and maintained properly, more birds can throng the lake," said birdwatcher Dilip Yardi.
Tips for birdwatching
While going for the birdwatching, carry a good binoculars. This helps to see the bird clearly. It is more fun to see the birds through binoculars. Also carry a bird guide. The birdwatching should be done in a group of 6-7 people. Too many people can cause disturbance. Birds are active during morning and evening. This is the best time to watch them. 

Salim Ali Lake, according to the city bird observers is a haven for varied and colourful migratory birds in the months of December to March.

There are about 160 species of local birds in the city which include parakeets, crows, sparrows, eagles and kites among other birds. Migratory birds like blue wing, common teell, pintail, ducks and others visit the city from October to March. During this period, North India experiences heavy snow, hence, these birds migrate to the city in search of food. After March, when the intensity of heat starts increasing, these birds fly back to North. Their number increases when they return. One can watch exotic birds like pond heron, green bee-eater, white throated kingfisher, black winged stilt, ducks and other birds.

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