Monday, 4 March 2013

Power cut at Ajanta caves Rs. 2.50 lakh bill pending - Source LT

The MSEDCL has disconnected the power supply to world heritage Ajanta Caves owing to pending bills of Rs 2.50 lakh for two months i.e December-January.
The power supply has been cut from February 28, said Mirgane, junior engineer of Fardapur.
Crores of rupees are spent on Ajanta-Ellora development project (AEDP). Moreover, foreign tourists pay visit fees regularly. Everyday thousands of rupees are collected but the electricity has been cut off for the last 5 days. The Archeological Survey of India (ASI) said that the department is unable to clear the bill dues due shortage of funds.
Unless the bill is paid, electricity supply will not be restored, said Mirgane. He said we are facing funds crunch in the month of March.
Meanwhile, ASI deputy conservator said that the department will pay the pending bills immediately. 
The generators are started for supply of electricity in the Ajanta caves in the evening, said deputy conservator Vaklikhar and another officer K K Shaikh.

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