Saturday, 30 March 2013

Plug leakages: Darda - Source LT

School education minister Rajendra Darda today ordered the municipal administration to stop wastage of water through leakages. 
Darda reviewed the water scarcity situation in the city, district and region at the Divisional Commissionerate here today. Divisional commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal, collector Vikram Kumar, municipal commissioner Dr Harshdeep Kamble, Zilla Parishad chief executive officer Sukhdev Bankar and others were present.
Around 140 million litres water per day (MLD) is pumped from Jayakwadi out of which around 40 MLD is wasted due to several leakages. Hence, it is very important to stop these leakages. The pipelines are broken at several spots due to which there is an imbalance of water supply in the city. Leakages should be plugged and water should be supplied to the Gunthewari areas through adequate number of tankers, Darda said.
"Although there is no dearth of water in the city, the residents in the Gunthewari areas are facing an acute water scarcity due to mismanagement of the administration. Measures should be immediately taken to tackle the problem and unauthorised connections taken from the main water supply pipeline should be closed immediately," he said. Darda obtained information about the available water sources, villages receiving water through tankers, fodder camps and losses of farmers due to water scarcity. 
Jaiswal informed the minister that the entire Marathwada excluding Nanded district has only one per cent live water storage, apart from the dead storage. It is for the first time that reports of the water scarcity situation in the urban areas have also been prepared which has helped the administration to tackle the situation. 
Vikram Kumar said that the live stock in the Jayakwadi dam will last till April 4 while water from the dead stock will be pumped from April 5 onwards. In Aurangabad district, water is being supplied through 389 tankers at present which is expected to increase to 550 tankers in the coming days. 
Municipal Commissioner said silt from the Jayakwadi left canal is being removed. Water level will reduce in the coming days and hence an alternate approach channel is being made near the canal at the expense of Rs 9 crores. 
Darda mentioned that detailed study of groundwater in the rural area is done but such an exercise is not taken up in the urban areas. It is very important that the study of the groundwater of the Aurangabad city should be done. 
The alternate water sources should be found and it is not proper to be completely dependent on the Jayakwadi dam, he said.

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