Saturday, 30 March 2013

Only IQ test reveals your child's aptitude: Shirsat - Source LT

Parents are obsessed with getting admission for their wards in either medicine or engineering which sometimes proves disastrous. Instead of randomly selecting career options, parents should check the intelligent quotient (IQ) during SSC or HSC to opt for a proper career path, said counsellor of Regional Institute of Vocational Guidance & Selection, Shashimohan Shirsat. 
Shirsat was sharing his views at Lokmat Times Coffee Table here on Saturday. He said, "The present trend is that parents are opting for IQ test for their wards before deciding on the career option. IQ test is a scientific procedure and those who choose their career, based on the IQ test results, never fail in their professional life. In schools abroad, there is a counsellor in every school but sadly in India we have a poor approach towards the counselling process. The students who fail in HSC exam become depressed and some even take the extreme step. If we want to avert this situation, counsellors should be appointed at schools and colleges and positive steps are being taken in this direction. "
Shirsat further said, "The healthy atmosphere at home is very vital in order to shape the career of children as they generally imitate the habits of their parents at home. If parents are seen reading at home or even flipping through news papers, the children also tend to read news papers. If there are 3 news papers in different languages, magazines, news and informative programmes on TV, radio at any home, I don't think it is difficult to become IAS or IPS officers. Besides, students should plan their time schedule ensuring that they get at least 6 hours in a day to study. "
Speaking about the general trend, he pointed out that every parent wants their child to become either a doctor or an engineer. Even those students who do not have a good command over mathematics or science take admission in these streams and fail miserably. Parents should consider career options like management, banking, competitive exams, railway and armed forces for their wards.
Elaborating on the concept of IQ tests, Shirsat said, checking IQ does not mean that students have some problem. In our society, there are some misconceptions which have to be dispelled. IQ level of the students is measured on a scale of 9. If the IQ level ranges between 1-4 points, it is considered as general IQ, 5 points is average, 6 is above average, 7 is even better and above that is brilliant IQ. The head quarters of the institute is situated in Mumbai and regional institutes are located at Aurangabad, Pune, Nagpur, Latur, Kolhapur and Amravati. The IQ test is done free of cost and Aurangabad centre will conduct the test from April 1. Students who enroll themselves can undergo the test till June 28.

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