Wednesday, 20 March 2013

No worry about water for Abdimandi residents - Source LT

The residents of Abdimandi near Daulatabad have reason to cheer as they are getting enough water at present in grim drought situation. The acquisition of tube well and its refilling is paying them dividends.
In May last year, Abdimandikars were getting water once in a month because the water level of tube well supplying water to the village had touched the bottom.
In order to overcome the problem, sarpanch of village Manoj Pardhi, former sarpanch Daulatsingh Hazari and member Sabir Khan submitted a proposal of acquiring tube well to tehsildar. However, the tube wells which were to be acquired for water supply were situated 2 kms away from the village. It was the main hitch how to bring water from a long distance to the village. 
The grampanchayat submitted another proposal of temporary water supply scheme to ZP. The officials took due note of the problem and approved tap scheme within 7 days. In this way, the tube well was acquired and water lifted from the tube well was stored in the tube well situated in the village to supply water to the villagers. Unfortunately, the water level at the tube well acquired for water supply also ran out of stock in next eight days.
To overcome the problem, villagers dug a 10x10 feet pit near the tube well acquired. The water lifted from Mombatta dam was released in the pit to refill the tube well. In this way the water level of the tube well improved and now the villagers are getting enough water once in four day. This is the first temporary water scheme to be successful in the district.

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