Tuesday, 26 March 2013

MIDC to lay new 700 mm pipeline - Source LT

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) has decided to completely change 700 mm pipeline in the Waluj MIDC. The government has sanctioned the proposal and tender would be issued for its implementation soon. 
Of late, the industries are suffering because of recurrent faults in the existing pipeline laid by the MIDC 30 years ago. The pipeline has now become obsolete. The industries had been gunning for a new pipeline for the last two years. The proposal was not getting administrative nod as it entailed expenditure of crores of rupees. 
Sources said that to ensure competition amongst the contractors, estimated cost of the project will not be declared. 
MIDC water treatment plant is situated near Bajaj Gate. It has laid a network of pipelines in the whole industrial estate. The pipeline upto the Jogeshwari water tower would be changed. 
Industries facing water scarcity 
Industries in Waluj MIDC area are receiving 35 to 38 MLD (million litres per day) of water, instead of 55MLD, which is their requirement, currently. Leaks in the 30-year-old pipeline have decreased the availability of water further.
At present, water is supplied for 45 minutes daily to over 1,400 small and medium industries. The source - Jayakwadi dam - is itself having insufficient water. 
The main industries in Waluj are beer, pharmaceuticals and automobiles. 
Several industries are arranging for water through two to three tankers daily to meet their requirements. Beer industries require four litres of water to produce a litre of beer.

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