Friday, 15 March 2013

Medical student cheated of Rs.59L - Source LT

Medical admission in Mangalore
In a shocking incident, two Delhi-based thugs cheated a city student of Rs 59 lakh by giving false assurance of admission to the MS Orthopedic course. A case has been registered with the Jinsi police station in this regard.
According to the information received from police sources, an advertisement was published in an English newspaper for the admission to the postgraduate, including MS Orthopedic, courses.
City resident Krushnakumar Vedprakash Sharma (54, near Akashwani) dialed the phone number given in the advertisement and inquired about the admission for his son Kashish. The latter has obtained MBBS degree from the People's College, Bhopal recently and wanted to go for the PG course.
Accused and Delhi residents Deepak Chaterjee and Pratik Agrawal told Sharma that Kashish will get admission in M J Shetty College of Mangalore for MS Orthopedic for which they will have to pay Rs 70 lakh. The father-son duo went to M J Shetty College, Mangalore on May 31, 2012 where Deepak and Pratik were waiting for them. They took the father-son duo to the college clerk Ravindra and later to a posh hotel where the thugs took Rs 20 lakh and documents of Kashish from them. Next month, Pratik Agrawal also took Rs 30 lakh from Krishnakumar Sharma. After the gap of a few days they called Sharma and his son to Delhi where they also took Rs 20 lakh more from them. However, even after paying so much money, they did not ensure admission. Both Sharmas then went to Mangalore again to ask the college clerk about the admission and they found that college had not received any application form of Kashish. Realising that they were taken for a ride, they immediately contacted Deepak and Pratik and asked the two to return their money or face a police case. 
The accused then presented four cheques, totaling at Rs 60 lakh but all bounced. They then gave cash Rs 11 lakh to the Sharmas but failed to return the remaining amount. Coming to the end of their tether, the Sharmas lodged a complaint with the police.

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