Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Khare's `Tuzyavarachya Kavita' on March 16 - Source LT

Renowned poet and lyricist Sandeep Khare's `Tuzyavarachya Kavita' - a programme of poetry recitation and singing - will be held here on March 16. This is for first time that Khare with his wife Sonia will be reciting and singing his poems unfolding various shades of love.
Renowned actors Dr Mohan Agashe, Bharti Achrekar, Subodh Bhave and others add to the programme through Audio-Visuals. The background score is by Pravin Joshi.
The programme will be hosted by JB Graphical Arts in Tapadiya Natya Mandir and is offered to its well wishers as well as persons connected to Aastha Foundation, Aurangabad and Club Kya Zaman Tha. The programme will start at 8 pm and entry will only by invitation. The seating arrangement will be made on the first come basis.
Entry passes can be collected from JB Graphical Arts' office at Centre Point Complex, in front of Ramanand Colony.


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