Sunday, 24 March 2013

Industrialists join 'green campus' drive - Source LT

As temperatures in the city have begun to soar, several industrialists are now joining the 'green campus' drive to ensure their premises stay cool.
The drive aims at preserving trees, for it recognises that the disappearance of greenery is one of the reasons why temperatures are increasing internationally.
The drive — initiated by Hemant Dadhe, Gajanan Deshmukh, Narayan Pawar and 45 other industrialists from E-70 sector of Waluj MIDC, two years ago — was started with the aim of reducing global warming. 
Two persons were hired to take plant and take care of trees and two persons were hired to keep the inner and outer campus clean. 
These workers were given due benefits under labour laws.
Garbage was regularly removed from the campus and was delivered through a tractor to the dumping ground. Sign boards, including plot numbers of the industries installed at several places, have changed the entire look of the MIDC area. 
Trees planted around the area have not only contributed to the area's beauty, but have also helped keep it cool. 
The success of sector E-70 has inspired other areas also who are now also joining this drive. "We come together once every month and discuss the difficulties we face which include pollution," said Dadhe and Deshmukh.

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