Monday, 4 March 2013

Forum for revival of Nehar-e-Ambari - Source LT

n Group to pursue issue with State
A group of aware citizens has joined hands to form Water Care Forum with an aim to revive historical Nehar-e-Ambari. The members will act as a pressure group that will pursue the issue with the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and the State Government. 
Many areas of the city are facing water shortage due to severe drought. In such a situation, historical sources like Nehar-e-Ambari can be useful. Forum members Subhash Zambad, Adv Satish Talekar, Tansukh Zambad, M M Kanade, Dr Shaikh Ramzan, Chandu Tanwani addressed a Press conference here today stating that Nehar-e-Ambari is not only useful but also a historical treasure. The civic body, which is its owner, will have to take initiative for reviving it. The Forum will try and get aid from the State Government for this purpose. Demands of the Forum include removing encroachments on Nehar, appointing a separate section in the AMC for its maintenance, gathering detailed information through a survey of the Nehar, stopping theft of Nehar water and not releasing Nehar water in drainage. The Forum members said that they would also contribute their might for the cause. Efforts will be made to revive old wells.


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