Monday, 25 March 2013

Forensic lab rebuilds Nizam well for use - Source LT

With the drought affecting almost all sectors in Aurangabad, the forensic lab in Cantonment area has decided to give a new lease of life to a well that was built during reign of Nizam Shah of Ahmednagar.
The only one of its kind in Aurangabad, this lab, which caters to the whole of Marathwada, requires a lot of water to clean the bodies brought to it, as well as laboratory tests. However, since the onset of the drought, its water requirements have been largely met by purchasing water from other sources. However, having found this unsustainable, the lab decided use water from the well behind the laboratory: a well that has lain unused since the time of the Nizam.
The lab, which then filed an application for the use of the well and was approved Rs 1 lakh to make the well usable. After some necessary repair work, such as removal of silt and restoring the broken parts of the well, the lab has now begun to use the well.

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