Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Beware of smart cyber criminals! - Source LT

"Women should not underplay the danger of cyber criminals," said commissioner of police Sanjay Kumar on Monday. 
"It does not matter how good you are with technology. You can still be tricked. Women should immediately inform the police," he said while delivering a keynote address at a workshop on 'Cyber Crime on Women' organised at Tapadiya Natyamandir.
Lokmat resident editor Chakradhar Dalvi, Lokmat Times news editor K M Joseph, Dhananjay Lambe, Sanjay Warkad, Anil Shrivastava, professor Mangal Khivansara, DCPs Somnath Gharge, Jay Jadhav, Arvind Chavria and former mayor Anita Ghodele were present.
Kumar said that one must be careful while sharing personal information on social networking sites as it can be misused by criminals. These cyber criminals take gullible women for a ride, he added.
He also warned those present against trusting unknown emails and text messages regarding lotteries or investment schemes.
"Be careful. Do not try to strike a windfall, because it may be a trap," said the city's top cop.
The head of the economic offences wing police inspector Avinash Aghav made a power point presentation about the number of cyber and economic crimes committed around the world.
Editors including Joseph, Dalvi, Lambe, Warkad and Shrivastava shared their views. Assistant police inspector Shubhangi Deshmukh and police sub inspector Sangeeta Patil conducted the proceedings.
E-mail ID hacked
At the outset of the programme, a lady participant was asked to share her email ID. She too was requested to come on the dais. At the same time, another lady was called on the dais. The second lady had received an email from the first lady's email ID even though they didn't know each other. 
Again, Patare intervened and informed them that it was an example of how email IDs could be easily hacked into. The cyber cell inspector, Gautam Patare, alerted the Lokmat Times news editor K M Joseph that his mobile phone number would be hacked within half-an-hour. Joseph and Shrivastava were invited on the dais and in five minutes, Shrivastava's mobile phone started ringing. He was surprised to see that it was Joseph's mobile phone number displayed as the caller's number, when in fact, Joseph and Shrivastava were introduced only an hour back and hadn't exchanged numbers. In the end, police inspector Patare cleared the confusion saying that it was a demonstration by the cyber cell on how easily mobile phone numbers are hacked.

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