Thursday, 28 March 2013

Appeals for dry Holi do the trick! - Source LT

Fervent appeals for dry Holi in view of drought seem to have done the trick as the celebrations saw relatively less wastage of water compared to previous years. 
The general mood was to avoid wastage of water, but Dhuliwandan procession organised from Sansthan Ganpati to Gulmandi in the city saw wastage of some water.
A majority of residents celebrated Holi with dry colours across the city following the appeals given by the administration. 
The places where Dhuliwandan was celebrated with the traditional fervour and enthusiasm include Gulmandi, TV Centre, Gajanan Maharaj Chowk, Connaught and Pundaliknagar. 
Old and young alike exchanged festive greetings, sending SMSes and e-mails.
Meanwhile, reports have it that various societies and clubs had cancelled Holi parties and rain dance functions that would have resulted in wastage of thousands of gallons of water.

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