Friday, 1 March 2013

AMC nets Rs. 27K fine for misuse of water - Source LT

The special squads formed by Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) collected Rs 27,000 fine from 205 irresponsible citizens for misuse of water during past 10 days. 
There is a dire need of 180 MLD, but due to scanty rainfall the water level in the Jayakwadi Dam is receding and soon it will touch the dead storage level. Presently, the city is receiving around 100 MLD water.
Meanwhile, due to shortage of water the whole city is facing inconvenience. The AMC is forced to supply tap water after a gap of two to three days.
Sensing the misuse of water, municipal commissioner Harshdeep Kamble formed three special squads and authorised them to slap a fine on the spot after seeing any sort of misuse of water like cleaning of vehicles in public places, release of tap water,

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