Friday, 15 March 2013

Ambitious 'bed & breakfast' scheme flops - Source LT

MTDC blames it on No. of hotels
The Bed & Bread Scheme' of the state tourism department has failed to draw good response from the locals in Aurangabad district with only seven persons signing up for the scheme.
The Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) started the scheme last year, expecting active participation from the locals with a view to helping them earn some income.
According to the scheme, residents at the tourism sites would provide some rooms in their homes where tourists could stay as paying guests. In this way, the government had provided an opportunity to the local residents to increase their income and at the same time it was a good chance for the tourists to experience the local culture.
Aurangabad is known internationally as a tourism destination, hence, the tourism department was expecting that the locals would participate in the scheme actively. However, only seven residents from Aurangabad have lapped up the scheme.
The MTDC has been blamed for the scheme's failure. Locals allege that the MTDC did not publicise the scheme properly as a result of which people who might have been interested in participating it, were not aware of the scheme.
When questioned, MTDC zonal manager Chandrashekhar Jaiswal said that Aurangabad has plenty of hotels due to its reputation as a tourism destination that's why the scheme failed to click.

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