Monday, 4 March 2013

ACB Suvidha service for its employees - Source LT

In order to provide employee-friendly services, the Aurangabad Cantonment Board (ACB) has started offline service "Suvidha" which provides with basic details to the board employees.
ACB computer programmer Husnoddin J Quadri said, "Suvidha is developed as employee-friendly service for the employees of ACB at the Suvidha Kendra. 
It was inaugurated by brigadier Surender Pavamani on February 27. It gives all the details of employee such as date of joining, date of retirement, salary slip, weekly off, number of personal leaves, paid leaves, casual leaves, date of birth, provident funds etc."
Speaking further, he said, "As the accounts official delays in providing information regarding the employees leave, other details, etc. a step has been taken to provide them with basic details handy with a login ID and password. Once you sign in with ID and password a window displays many options which is user friendly and one can operate efficiently applying for leaves and know one's basic details."
ACB chief executive officer Vidyadhar Vasudeo Pawar said, "This service has been installed by our computer programmer for the first time in Aurangabad Cantonment. This will enable employees to know their profile which will help them plan for working efficiently."

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