Friday, 29 March 2013

Aadhaar registration comes to a standstill - Source LT

Adding to the woes of several people frantically trying to get their Aadhaar cards, operators and other employees at 50 registration centres across the city have stopped enrollment process since March 21 to protest against non-payment of their dues. 
The first phase of enrollment, which began a year-and-a-half ago, saw close to 4 lakh being enrolled. However, 8 lakh people are yet to be enrolled in the city. After scrapping the contract of Glodyne company, which had failed to start even one centre, the state government roped in Alankit Finless Ltd for the enrollment, which had started 50 Aadhaar centres in the city.
Majority of the 50 centres were controlled by corporators and therefore, there was an allegation that these centres were being set up in areas that will benefit them for elections. Amidst this, Aadhaar enrollment was made compulsory for school students by March 31 resulting in long queues before the centres. There were also complaints that centres had begun to charge money for enrolment even while the scheme mandates free enrolment.
Meanwhile, more than 100 operators deputed at these 50 centres have stopped enrollment since March 21 stating that the company is yet to pay their salaries, said deputy collector Manjusha Mutha. 
"The enrollment would start afresh from April 2. Moreover, enrollment of Aadhaar of school students will not be mandatory. If any school compels students, they must lodge their complaints with us. People who are asked for money for enrollment must lodge their complaints with us and we will take the appropriate action," she said.

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