Wednesday, 13 March 2013

12 of 16 medium irrigation projects go dry - Source LT

Water situation is worsening day by day in the district even as monsoon is at least three months away. Jayakwadi, the biggest dam in the region, has only 2 per cent water stock. Twelve out of sixteen medium projects have dried up while the remaining four will also meet the same fate soon as they contain very little water as of today. 
A total of 78 out of 90 small projects have also dried up. How to quench the thirst of residents is the big question before the administration. The district is having huge dam like Jayakwadi but is not benefitting from it. At present, it is catering to the drinking water needs of Aurangabad city only. Remaining tehsils, villages solely depend on small and medium projects in their respective areas. Water level in Jayakwadi and other projects is minimal because of scarce rainfall. Residents are getting supply from last year's water stock only. Small and medium projects are drying up fast one by one. Sukhna, Lahuki, Girja, Wakod, Khelna, Ambadi, Purna Newpur, Anjna Palshi, Tembhapuri, Kolhi, Narangi and Bordahegaon medium projects from the districts have turned totally dry. There is 0.36 (million cubic meter) MCM water in Andhari project, 0.18 MCM in Gadadgad, 1.01 MCM in Shivna and 0.70 MCM in Dheku. All the four projects will go dry by March end. 
The situation of small projects is more difficult than that of medium projects. Where would administration send tankers for fetching water after March is the million dollar question. At present, the tankers are filled from the wells and borewells. As the groundwater level is receding very fast, these sources are also likely to dry soon. So, the drought situation is likely to turn from bad to worse after March. 


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