Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Mayor approves proposal for additional Rs. 42 lakh - Source LT

120 flats to be built for SC and neo-Buddhists at Harsul under Ramai Awas Yojana
Mayor Kala Oza today approved an administrative proposal seeking an additional provision of Rs 42 lakh in the revised budget-2012-13 for the construction of 120 flats at Harsul for SC and neo-Buddhist citizens affected by road-widening works, under the Ramai Awas Yojana (RAY).
The AMC is awarding a flat to each property owner in lieu of his/her land acquired for the road-widening under the Development Plan (DP).
Under RAY, the AMC is granting Rs 2 lakh to each beneficiary. For the convenience of these beneficiaries, the AMC had passed a plan of constructing multi-storeyed building comprising 120 flats at Harsul (gut no. 216) on a build-operate and transfer (BOT) basis.
"The project contractor has agreed to build flats at the rate of Rs 2.35 lakh each. As the AMC is providing Rs 2 lakh to each beneficiary, it will have to make a provision of the difference amount (Rs 35,000)," BoT chief Sikander Ali said, adding that the provision of Rs 42 lakh (Rs 35,000x120=Rs 42 lakh) is to be made in the revised budget.
The AMC aims at constructing 512 flats in four buildings viz A, B, C and D wing. A-wing will be accommodating persons affected on 10 DP roads (1st phase) and proposed 20 roads (2nd phase) in the remaining wings. 
"The beneficiaries from Town Hall, Makai Gate and Phulenagar will be accommodated in A-wing. Each flat is of 269 square feet (carpet area) size," said Ali.
While hinting at huge irregularities committed while preparing the proposal, Afsar Khan questioned why the AMC was planning to construct 512 flats when the beneficiaries were few.
Krishna Bankar and Raju Shinde also urged the AMC to be fair in allotting flats, while Raju Vaidya demanded to know what action the AMC would take against the contractor in case of substandard construction.
Kashinath Kokate appealed to the AMC to release a public notice listing the benefits offered under the RAY.
Mujeeb Alam Khan accused the civic administration of misleading citizens by publishing wrong information and assurances in media. 
Khwaja Sharfoddin inquired about the compensation and facilities for the road-widening affected persons belonging to other castes.
Ali said the survey of Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana was still under way. 
Leader of opposition Zafar Khan drew the attention of the general body meeting towards Kham River victims who have been on a fast for the past 28 days.
Winding up the meeting, the mayor okayed the proposal stating that Kham River victims belonging to SC and neo-Buddhist categories would also be given flats at Harsul.

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