Monday, 18 February 2013

Levy LBT on lottery, cell vouchers! - Source LT

The standing committee members today expressed disappointment against the growing financial losses to the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC). The members Girjaram Halnor and Raju Vaidya raised the issue of levying local body tax (LBT) on lottery and recharge vouchers (mobile).
The LBT incharge Mahaveer Patni said that the hearing of the above companies and their representatives was held. The agencies protested saying all the states in India (except Maharashtra) had waived-off LBT on lottery, recharge card, currency transaction etc. Later on, the issue was put up before the past municipal commissioner for discussion, who then ordered that their pleas be sent to the state government for final answer.
The chairman Vikas Jain and other members were shocked. Jain questioned how AMC dared to sent the file directly to the state government, without submitting the report and seeking approval of the standing committee. The members claimed that the AMC would be pushed into a corner and would suffer huge monetary losses due to this action.
Jain ordered LBT incharge to immediately scrap the administrative decision taken in this regard and intimate about it to the state government (through a letter duly signed by the civic chief).
The chairman directed LBT section to bring all the lottery and mobile companies under LBT net within one week and submit the report of both the developments in the next standing committee.
Big property-holders
The members claimed that AMC had a soft corner for builders and developers as no LBT is levied on them. The town planning (TP) section has been issuing completion certificates without no-objection-certificate (NOC) from LBT cell.
The members said that LBT should be levied on large plots in gunthewari areas. Patni disclosed, that the cell has a registration of 94 builders, 517 civil contractors and others involved in building material supply. Presently, LBT is levied on material imported from outstation. Lack of coordination between LBT cell and TP section is causing financial losses. The standing committee chairman directed the TP section not to issue completion certificate without NOC from LBT cell.

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