Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Killing animals as offering barbaric act - Source LT

A renowned Buddhist preacher, Bhadant Upgupt Mahathero, said that killing the animals to appease the gods is a barbaric act and it will not help achieve the welfare of humanity at all.
He was speaking during the inauguration of 2nd rural Buddhists' conference at Warkhed in Gangapur recently.
Speaking further, he said, "Sacrificing the animals is not only loss to the nature but also to the humanity. The superstitious customs and traditions are deep rooted in rural areas. In villages during religious fairs hundreds of birds and animals are butchered as offering to the gods and then superstitious people devour it." 
He administered a pledge to the participants neither kill nor allow others to kill the animals.
Bhadant Mahabodhi, Bhanti Amrutanand and Bhante Sanghpriya also spoke in the meet.

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