Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Free lectures on physics on website - Source LT

It also covers NCERT syllabus and scientific experiments
A website comprising a set of NCERT syllabus, over 4,000 free online lectures and a multimedia presentation of scientific experiments, has been developed by a physics expert Ashish Arora.
Arora, who has been working in education sector since over 20 years, has developed the website "physicsgalaxy.com http://physicsgalaxy.com/>" after researching the subject for the last six years. The website helps student understand and grasp concepts in a better way without spending hefty fees in coaching centers. Ashish said, "Whether it is CBSE, IIT-JEE or Olympiad exams, students are involved in coaching where they get fast-track guidance by paying lakhs of rupees. The website has 3,800 videos on math, science, humanities and statistics and over 4,000 videos only on physics. The website is touted to be largest of its kind in the world".
According to Arora, in order to improve the traditional methods of teaching in schools and to empower students' needs in India and abroad, it is necessary to have such a platform. "Instead of going to coaching classes, these students can now prepare for their exmas sitting in their houses," he said. "More than 3 lakh students have watched these lectures. So far, the response is outstanding. We are also planning to start study games so that students grasp concepts easily," he added.

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