Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Prozone to start Saral Bazaar soon

Address for Saral bazaar - 

The concept is very popular with the tourists as well as the local visitors. The street markets are unique in every way as they bring alive the local and cultural flavour of the city and have also shown high capital appreciation in many parts of the world.Saral Bazaar will be like a community street market which will offer for sale small shops of 80-150 sqft to local small businessmen and a stepping stone to new start-up who otherwise do not get an opportunity to be part of a large mall. 

The bazaar will offer a powerful retail interaction in a safe, secure and hassle-free environment and a unique shopping experience. The bazaar will offer products like imitation jewellery, utensils, cutlery, mobile, mobile accessories, laundry, medical store, photo studio, courier services, tailor, alterations, stationary, gift articles, newspaper vendor, magazine stall, saloon, cycle shop, florist, key makers, ice cream and other such articles. Saral Bazaar is a development by Prozone CSC (India). Prozone CSC is a listed Indian Real Estate company promoted by Provogue (I) Ltd. and Capital Shopping Centres PLC, UK.News-LT

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