Friday, 24 February 2012

Inter-school drawing contest in Aurangabad on February 28

The AGP public School will organise an inter-school drawing competition in the memory of late Adv Govind Jadhav on the AGP Public School Campus, gut no 71, Beed Bypass Aurangabad on February 28 from 10 am to 12 noon. 

The students may participate in the competition in A, B and C groups depending on the standard they are studying in. The subjects for the Group A (standards I to III) are: My favourite flower, Scenery (Tree house) and My sweet home. For Group B (students of IVth to VI ): Save Earth, Mela, Tree Plantation and for Group C (VII to X): My ambition in life, Pollution and My India (Cultural). 

The first prize winner will receive Rs 1151, the second prize winner Rs 751 and the third prize winner Rs 551. All winners will be given certificates and mementos. There will be three consolation prizes.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

'Luwan of Brida' launched in Aurangabad

Born and brought up in Aurangabad, Sarang Mahajan quit his promising IT career and made at least two professional switches to finally discover a novelist.

'Luwan of Brida,' a fantasy novel written by Sarang Mahajan and published by Popular Prakashan, was launched in a grand ceremony, here today. 
The novel is a thrilling adventure taking place in a fantasy setting and is the first of its kind to be published and distributed in India.

Born and brought up in Aurangabad, Sarang quit his promising IT career and made at least two professional switches to finally discover a novelist within. He is the first author from the region to write a fantasy novel in English and interestingly it has been globally published in e-book format on 
Talking to LT, Sarang said, "The book is an outcome of my passion for fantasy. I have read books from a 16-page booklet to a series of more than 7,000 pages and most of them from western literature. So, I wanted to make a contribution of my own to this wonderful world of literature as an Indian author. And I made the first one in the line of many more to come in future."

News- Lokmat News Service

Monday, 20 February 2012

Jyotirlinga in Aurangabad

Among the 12 Jyotirling (Shrine of Lord Shiva) one is in Ellora, near Aurangabad. 

Grishneshwar Temple Katha

There is an interesting story related to this temple. It is said that a Brahman named Sukarma and his wife Sudesh used to visit the Devagiri mountain ranges in the southern India. Both of them were devoted to Lord Shiva but did not have any child and this bothered them a lot. Sudesh used to force her husband to marry for a second time. Sukarma forced by his wife married her sister Ghushma. 

Ghushma was also devoted to Lord Shiva and was blessed with a son. Ghushma received a lot of respect for providing Sukarma with a son but this envied Sudesh. When the son got older, he was married. This filled Sudesh’s heart with more jealousy. She decided to kill Ghushma’s son and one night killed him with a knife while everyone was asleep. She cut the whole body into pieces and poured them into the lake in which Ghushma used to pour Parthivlinga. She went back home and slept.

The next day everyone got busy in their everyday activities including Sudesh. When Ghushma’s daughter-in-law woke up and found pieces of her husband’s body in the bed covered with blood, she straight away ran off to Ghushma and started crying. Seeing this, even Sudesh started crying so that no one could doubt on her. But Ghushma and Sukarma went on with their daily activities and prayers. Ghushma and Sukarma went on with their prayers and showed as if they didnt feel a things. After finishing her prayers, Ghushma found her son’s blood-stained clothes and even this did not move her.

She believed in Lord Shiva and prayed. She believed that Lord Shiva was immortal and he was the one who blessed her with her son and only he would protect him. She patiently prayed and believed that being tense was not a solution. She started praying Lord Shiva’s mantra ‘Om Namah Shivay’. She went to the lake like everyday to pour Parthivlinga into the waters and saw her son standing besides the lake. Her heart filled with joy and Lord Shiva apeared. 

Lord Shiva was very happy with Ghushma’s devotion and asked her to wish for something. He also said that if she wanted he could kill her sister with his Trishool. Ghushma offered her prayers and asked Lord Shiva to forgive her sister as she was elder than her. She said that she is unable to do any sin and would not want to ask for something bad for anyone. This satisfied Lord Shiva and he granted Ghushma with another wish. Ghushma asked Lord Shiva to stay in that place to protect and bless the people. Listening this Lord Shiva was happy and promised Ghushma to always live there. He changed his form and turned himself into a Jyotirlinga close to the lake. Hence, the lake called Ghushmeshwar came to be famously known as Shivalaya.

Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Importance

It is believed that a glimpse of Shivalaya lake free a person from all sins and provides salvation. People wanting children are blessed. Just a glimpse of the Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga provides all the happiness and satisfaction in the world. Shankracharya also worshipped and offered prayers to the Ghushmeshwar Jyotirlinga.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Local Updates of Aurangabad

Do you know you can get local updates of Aurangabad like the Local News, Weather updates and global News at one single page.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Movie Lovers- Theaters in Aurangabad

Do you know that you can check movie timings for all the theaters in Aurangabad in one single click. and select the movie tab. Here you can find out movie timings for major theathers such as Satyam Cineplexes, PVR, Fame, E-Square, Big Cinema, Amba, Apsara, Goldi.

These movies are updated as per schedules. One don't have to go through various websites or newspaper to find out which movie is playing at what time and in which theater. Everything is available under a single click. Very soon there will be options available where you can book for tickets online through

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Bani Begum Garden - AURANGABAD

Bani Begum Garden is a graceful garden located about 24 km from Aurangabad. The garden is known for its lush green appearance and comforting atmosphere. It got its name from the tomb of Bani Begum who is the wife of Aurangzeb's son which is located in middle of this garden.

The garden is constructed in various styles. Massive domes, fountains and fluted pillars can be seen in the garden. The garden is an example of the Mughal style and architecture of the departed period. 

Tourists visiting Aurangabad never return before visiting the beautiful Bani Begum Gardens.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

24x7 LPG cylinder booking facility in Aurangabad city

HPCL comes up with the novel idea n SMS and IVRS booking relief for working couples About HPCL Gas. There are 8 gas distributors of HPCL in the city and each of them is serving on an average consumers between 20,000 and 25,000. Thus, the total number of HPCL gas consumers in and around the city is nearly 2 lakh. All the gas agencies have installed a free phone facility to educate their consumers about the service. Moreover a help desk is also set in all agencies telling consumers how to type and sent the SMS for registration and gas booking. In case any consumer faces any problem he/she should dial 0240-2484846 during office hours to get the problem solved.

Providing a respite to customers making rounds to gas agencies for booking a cooking gas cylinder, HPCL has introduced round-the-clock gas booking service through SMS and IVRS (Inter Voice Response System), at pilot level in the city. The HPCL has decided to shift to SMS booking from present manual booking in phased manner and no manual booking will be accepted after March 31.
The executive sales officer of the LPG wing of HPCL, Aditya Gupta, said that the company has introduced this facility ahead of its other competitors in Maharashtra. It evoked a good response in Mumbai when introduced at pilot level. Encouraged with the response in Mumbai, company came out with the same facility in rest of the State from January 1, 2012. The dealers were imparted training and equipment were set in the first month of the year and started taking booking by SMS and IVRS.
How to book
Explaining the method of cylinder booking on SMS the proprietor of Renuka Gas, Arun Narwade, said that consumer will have to drop an SMS on 8888823456 after typing HPspace>telephone number of your gas agency with STD codespace> and consumer number. Prior to this, consumer will have to register his/her name for the service in the same way. The booking can also be made by dialing the same number. The registration will take 3 minutes time and booking just 30 seconds.
Intimation before 48 hours
Gupta said that on booking a cylinder by sending an SMS or dialing the said number, the consumer will receive a reply in SMS mentioning waiting number, delivery status and on receiving this SMS the consumer will receive most positively the cylinder within 48 working hours. Office goers who hardly find time to come to their agency for booking, will certainly have a relief from this system. Delivery with prior intimation will help them to make necessary arrangements to receive the cylinder.
Move welcomed
An HPCL Gas consumer, Nitin Kanitkar, welcomed the move of introducing the SMS and IVRS gas booking system and said that in a family like mine, where both are working, nobody has time to keep on dialing the agency number unless you get connected or to go in person for booking. I can drop an SMS by spending a minute even though I am in my office or wife in her school. On this backdrop the step must be welcomed, he added.

News by- LOKMAT